This website serves as a resource center for your MedCare USA® prescription discount card. It will help you find a participating pharmacy, price a medication and provide background drug information as you seek to manage your drug regimen.
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Cardholder discount prices received will vary based on the medication, pharmacy, when you pay for your medication, and from state to state. By presenting this card at a pharmacy with a prescription, the cardholder is representing they are authorized to use it. Depending on information provided to MedImpact, other related programs (i.e., PersonalHealthRx) may or may not be available to cardholder. No personal health information will be sold to anyone. This discount card is not insurance. A cardholder pays 100% of the discounted price at participating pharmacies. MedImpact does not warrant or assure all information displayed on this website is accurate. The information is provided as a reference only and is subject to change. For more information, to file a complaint with MedImpact regarding the availability of contracted discounts or services, or to cancel your registration in this program at any time without charge, please refer to your prescription discount card materials or contact MedImpact customer service: 1-800-819-5479. This product is not currently sold or marketed in South Dakota. Note to Utah Residents: This discount card program is not protected by the Utah Life and Health Guaranty Association.
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