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About Microsoft HealthVault
Microsoft® HealthVault™ is a free privacy- and security-enhanced online service that puts you in control of your health information.  HealthVault lets you access and store health information such as pharmacy, hospital, lab and other medical information so that itís, always organized and available to you online.  You can also access a range of health and fitness tools and applications, upload data from health and fitness devices, and share health information with your physicians and others you trust.  

As a HealthVault solution provider, your health plan gives you the power to access and the option to share your pharmacy data with HealthVault – to make it easier for you to make more informed decisions about your health.

With HealthVault, you:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is "live id" on the HealthVault log-in page?
A: This allows you to simplify the log-in process. Visit the HealthVault Web site for more information.

Q: After I save my information to HealthVault, are my processed prescription claims automatically updated on HealthVault?
A: No. It is a snapshot of the processed prescription claims at the time that you have initiated the transfer. If there are new processed prescription claims, only those new claims will be sent to HealthVault when you initiate a new transfer.  Please note that, your HealthVault data is not updated as new processed prescription claim information becomes available.

For additional information:  

Please note:  Every time you log on, you should press the "Copy To" button to transfer a copy of your most recently processed prescription claims information.  If you encounter technical difficulty click here to send an email.